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March 16, 2018
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Casinos are played virtually or through the mode of internet. Technology had paved a new way where it showed its darker side to hunt people’s money in a surreptitious manner. It’s not that aberrant from its normal state. These casino games had made youngsters attracted and making them spend huge money on these games. Online games such as rummy, poker games and other such card games had changed the minds of people. They are spending money lavishly on these betting and gambling activities and unnecessarily spoiling their valuable time. People instead of spending their life personally with the society, they are spending with these games.

These poker games and card games are discouraging the young minds to mingle and interact with social life outside the world. People got so addicted to it, that they are completely lost in the world of casinos. Within a minuscule second, people lose some hefty amount of money. These youngsters are not connected to the real life and disturbing and wasting their social life; being detached or more disengaged with the society and people.

Parents earn money in a hard way. They struggle in hard ways to make children satisfy with what they want. But, here comes the biggest problem where children are not spending money wisely. They are visiting these poker game houses and spending abundantly on bettings and gambling activities which further leads to addictions in these activities. It’s like a alcohol where you people don’ know the value of money until and unless your pockets get dry without money. Save wisely and spend wisely people, after all its for your well being.

Playing for just once and doing anything for just for the first time is totally fine. Everyone will be in an over-enthusiastic state after seeing something new and exhilarated things. They give a damn about anything and go ahead to try. Yep, I’m talking about these online games like poker, blackjack, dice, rummy, Jackpot boogie and many more such online games. The disturbance that it causes the brain is outrageous and you’ll never know where you’ll get lost in this world of online games. Once you got addicted to it, I bet you’ll not stop playing and leave away all your major priorities which need to be done first. This finally effects your work environment which further interferes and creates an imbalance in between your social life, work life and the dream imagination life behind the game screens.

Leaving behind the beautiful life externally, young teens are lying down on their been bags with stretched legs, making themselves comfortable and getting busy with these online games which are just a technology-based games and not anymore a real game or sport like cricket or football or some energetic outdoor game.

Put out your talent what you have and showcase to the world that you are competent enough. It would be suggested to all the people to spend money properly on things which give you benefit for a tenure instead of spending on these online gambling casino activities. Millions and billions are being wasted in few parts of the countries, like Las Vegas, Portugal etc. In India, you could find the largest casino in Goa called the winners casino and Hacienda de ora located in Goa followed by other top casinos in India like Deltin Royale, Casino pride etc. Here at these places people dump and spend huge amounts, make money and waste money as well. Carnivals do happen at these casinos which even grabs all the public earned money. You could find enormous amounts where you might not even find in some huge county banks. It all your money people, hard earned money.

It’s better to get connected with the society instead of sticking to the technology. Meeting new people, pursuing a hobby, listening to songs, playing some outdoor games, travelling to new places and reading novels or some interesting books would definitely reduce your interest towards these online casino games.

Don’t wait now, just run and meet the beautiful society which is welcoming you warmly and don’t forgot to love the god’s gift called nature.



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